Digital Disruption, a topic every business should be discussing

Digital Disruption“Reacting to disruption may already be too late. Setting out to improve experiences and outcomes and finding innovative ways…is your only answer” – Brian Solis

We would encourage you to read the latest post from Brian Solis entitled Disruptive Selection: Nature’s Way of Weeding Out the Average Business.

While Digital has both the power to change the old ways of doing things (making us faster, more efficient, more reactive – 24/7 365) it also has the power to disrupt.

When we talk about Digital Disruption we might think of the effect Encarta (CD Rom) had on the Encyclopedia Brittanica or the impact of iTunes on CD sales (HMV knows most about this). While it’s comfortable to cite examples from the past it is important to remember that disruption never sleeps.

If you are not trying to create new models to sustain your business over the next 5 years then you can bet that someone else is. 

Just look at the effect AirBnB is having right now on the hotel industry? Or the impact of companies like Lyft or Sidecar which are already reducing car sales (are you listening car manufacturers)? And how many ‘old’ business models will be made obselete through companies like TaskRabbit?

The Cloud and fast, reliable connectivity facilitate Digital Disruption. However, getting connected or buying into the Cloud will not be enough to future proof your business. In the words of Brian Solis it (also) “takes vision to see what others cannot and perseverance to do what others cannot or will not”

We think Digital Disruption is a topic you should be discussing as often as possible within your business. 

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