January / February FTTC deals

The data freeze is over !
Heat up your broadband with our red hot fibre deals !

It may still be cold outside, but here at Kube, things are hotting up !
Experience the next generation of broadband with exclusive winter deals for our 40/10 & 80/20 FTTC connections. 
Super Fast – 40/10 FTTC –
£40/ Month 
Our super fast business fibre gives you totally unlimited broadband (4xfaster download speeds and up to10x faster upload speeds than the UK average.)
 Plug in and play
– Includes 1 static IP address
– Free router and Installation
– Free postage 
Ultra Fast – 80/20 FTTC –
£45/ Month 
Our ultra fast business fibre gives you totally unlimited broadband (8xfaster download speeds and up to20x faster upload speeds than the UK average.)
– Plug in and play
– Includes 1 static IP address
– Free router and installation
– Free postage  

Don’t miss this limited time deal !
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Promotion based on a 24 month contract. Kube Networks Ltd must be the analogue line provider in order to receive any broadband offer. T&C’s apply.

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Kube Network Data Freeze 2015-16

We need to you to let you know about Kube’s network freeze 2015-16, when it will happen and how it will affect you.

What is the freeze?

Kube Networks impose an operational ‘Freeze’ every year in order to protect customers during the busy seasonal period. The ‘Freeze’ restricts any non-essential activity on the network.

When will it take place?

The network freeze will run from 17:00 on Friday 4th December 2015 and ends at 9:00 on Monday 4th January 2016. We therefore require all orders to be submitted to Kube Networks before hand to enable Kube to start validation.

The objectives of the freeze

  • To minimize the risk of network instability at a critical trading time.
  • To ensure our customers can deliver their services at the busiest time of year with confidence.

What does this mean for me?

If you have an existing data order, this will continue to progress as normal and we will keep you updated.

All other Kube Networks services will be available as normal and you will still have the reassurance of contacting our Kube 24/7 support helpdesk at: support@kubenetworks.com or by calling 0844 873 4499.

The Freeze will affect the following during this period:

  • Data orders / quotes can be taken by Kube Networks during the freeze. However, validation of an order will not begin by the carrier until Monday 4th January 2015.
  • FTTC orders will progress during most of the freeze, however please expect longer than usual delivery times.
  • Limited provisioning, porting orders and any significant changes to inbound numbers
  • Optimus Hosted, SIP and all voice services will be largely unaffected by the Freeze providing your connectivity is already in place.

Please note: New and modified orders for BT Openreach ISDN30, ISDN2, or Single Lines line’s services maybe restricted and would be subject to checks for delivery. Please call our sales team on 0844 873 4488 as required. Our Customer Billing portal, KubeINBOUND numbers platform and the OPTIMUS hosted portal will be available through your normal login details.

May we take this opportunity in thanking all our customers for your business and have a very Merry Christmas & prosperous New Year!

When it’s gone, it’s gone

Time is running out on the Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme (CVS)

tick tock

It may have gotten off to a slow start, but UK businesses are now embracing the CVS and the opportunity to give their business broadband a much needed boost. The uptake of the scheme has never been higher so don’t miss your chance to get £3000 towards superfast broadband to give your business a competitive edge.

£40 million was allocated to the fund in April this year and over £9m has been committed since and once the money is gone, it’s gone.

With a deadline now added that all funds have to be allocated by March 2016, there really is no time to waste! 


The scheme has been extended to cover Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Clyde Valley, Inverness, Perth, Stirling and 43 other cities and surrounding areas throughout the UK. For a full list of eligible cities, see our blog post here.

With the grants redeemable against FTTC, EoFTTC, EFM and Ethernet, there are a huge variety of ways to improve your connection.

Customers eager to take advantage of the scheme are advised not to wait too long as once the fund runs out, connection vouchers cannot be honoured.

To find out about the scheme and the advantages it can bring your business, read our blog post. 

Don’t let this opportunity slip away.
Please get in touch today to find out more about the CVS or how a superfast internet connection can improve your business processes and your bottom line.

Call us on 0844 873 4488  or email sales@kubenetworks.com.

BT Wants to Scrap its Analogue Phone Lines

BT has asked Ofcom to be allowed to cease its mandatory provision to provide analogue PSTN voice telephone lines across the UK.

Under the current Universal Service Obligation (USO), BT is required to provide a connection to the public telephone network and BT hopes to soften these rules and provide internet services which customers can use for voice calls.

With BT planning to turn off their ISDN network & the number of consumers who still make regular calls from their fixed line greatly reduced, this news will not come as a shock to many people.

With a fixed line still needed for broadband, we’re not about to see the demise of the humble PSTN line anytime soon, even if the regulations are relaxed towards voice.

To the future

At Kube, we understand the requirements of our customers and the need to be forward looking in communications. Has Copper had its day? Most certainly not from what we are experiencing with customers still utilising copper based services ISDN2 & ISDN30, however, it’s time to move forward and give UK businesses the speed they need to operate and compete. It’s time to be bold and innovative, move away from copper networks, and invest in faster, fibre networks.

Kube already offer future proof alternatives to PSTN with our hosted voice solution Optimus and KubeSIP trunks. Both solutions are flexible and grow with your business, move with your business and offer robust disaster recovery, ensuring business continuity which is crucial in today’s competitive market.

To read more about these alternatives to the traditional analogue line, read our blog post here.

For businesses that want to compete, it is time to wave goodbye to your old copper friend.

To find out about Kube’s range of business communications solutions and the how they can grow and support your business, then please get in touch.

Email sales@kubenetworks.com or call 0844 873 4488

10 Steps to Protect Against Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is BIG Business and as the recent hacks of Sony and the US Government have shown us, anyone can fall victim to it.

The first quarter of 2015 saw a record number of DDoS attacks (more than 2,000 daily), PBX & Hosted Telephony fraud, and, an increase in hackers’ hi-jacking customer information and demanding ransoms.

UK losses from online fraud are now running at more than £670m a year however, despite this, businesses are still not protecting themselves from threats with almost 90% of SMEs not using data protection for their information and less than half securing company email to prevent phishing scams.

The attacks are growing in sophistication.

The potential for your business falling victim to these criminals is increasing by the day. So, what are you doing about it? Are you taking the necessary precautions and implementing the appropriate security protocols? Are you up to speed on the latest techniques and technologies to fight the threat?

If not, you could be leaving your business open to an attack. With the cost of security breaches rising, we want to help you protect your business.

Here are 10 steps to Cyber Security from the CESG site

10 steps cyber

A security breach may never happen, and the correct processes won’t always stop Cyber Crime, however, we can still put the platforms & policies in place to combat it. 

Contact us now and discuss with Kube how we can help you to protect your business against the Cyber Crime threat.

Call us now on 0844 873 4499 or email sales@kubenetworks.com.  

And let’s fight the threat together.

US to run out of IP addresses this summer

It has been talked about for some time, but it is now expected to be crunch time for IP addresses in North America this summer. ticking clock

IPv4 is now set to become a scare resource indeed, following in the footsteps of Europe and Asia where this shortage has already taken place. To obtain new IPv4 addresses now, there needs to be good business justification.

Although businesses may be reluctant to update to IPv6 due to the fact that upgrades can involve the need to buy new network switches and routers, putting off moving is delaying the inevitable.

If your business is upgrading its infrastructure, it is worth considering bringing IPv6 into the business. Kube’s network fully supports IPv6, and the Kube team can offer advice and aid with the transition.

For more information on Kube’s network and the benefits it can bring your business, get in touch.

Email sales@kubenetworks.com or call 0844 873 4488

Ofcom changes to broadband customer switching process

Are you experiencing problems with your current broadband provider or want to upgrade to a faster service? If you are looking into your options but are unsure how easy it is to change, then this blog will explain the steps to switch your broadband to a new provider. june20

How to Switch

With Ofcom changes coming into effect on 20th June 2015, it is now even easier to switch to a new broadband provider. Check you are out of contract with your current supplier, then simply contact Kube and let us do all the work for you. Tell us your business requirements and we will recommend the best package for your needs.

We will then contact your current provider and arrange the transfer for you. There is no need to contact your previous supplier to cancel your contract. After we have arranged the transfer, you will simply get a letter from them confirming the change.

Other Considerations

Many businesses fear that the switching process will result in unforeseen costs or their broadband being disrupted. The switching process will be seamless with no loss of service.

Aside from the analogue and broadband rental, the other cost with switching could be the router. Depending on the router, this could be managed or unmanaged. Kube’s technical team will let you know if you need a new router or can talk you through any changes that need to be made.

Cost Savings

Kube’s broadband is extremely competitively priced and costs less than other business broadband services. So with the hassle removed and savings to be made, there really is no reason not to give Kube a call!

If you are thinking about switching your broadband provider, would like advice on the most suitable connection for your business needs and to find out how much switching to Kube could save you, then please get in touch.

Call 0844 873 4488 or email sales@kubenetworks.com

BT Set Date for ISDN Network Switch Off


BT have announced that they intend to migrate all customers to their IP network by 2025. Although there has been much discussion within the industry about when BT were bringing their ISDN and PSTN networks to an end, this is the first time BT have set a firm date.

It is believed that BT are planning on using their upcoming EE deal and their planned expansion of their fixed IP network to create a single IP core network replacing all legacy networks and platforms.

For customers, this means that they will be migrated off the ISDN network, starting soon if BT want to have completed the migration in the next 10 years.

What does this is mean for the industry?

At Kube, we have been aware of the limitations of ISDN for some time and have been moving forward with our own SIP solution and hosted voice solution, Optimus.

We are glad BT are finally admitting something we have long been aware of, and are finally moving out of the Cretaceous period and joining the rest of us in the 21st Century.

Our KubeSIP and Optimist products bring great benefits to our customers. They are cost efficient and flexible, perfect for growing businesses.

If you are still unfamiliar with SIP and Hosted Voice and the real benefit they bring to a business, read our blog post here.

If you want to find out more about KubeSIP or Optimus, and find out how it can work for your business, please get in touch.

Call sales on 0844 873 4488 or email sales@kubenetworks.com

Kube Guide to SIP and Hosted Telephony

Are interested in updating your telephony but are intimidated by the lingo involved and not sure where to start? Fear not, read our Kube no nonsense guide to internet telephony.

Why are people changing?

The advancements and lower costs of high speed internet over the last few years have also brought great advances in digital telecoms. With more businesses being able to afford high speed internet, more and more have moved from a traditional analogue system to one where phone signal are transferred over internet lines.

With BT set to bring their analogue and ISDN voice systems to an end and migrate all their customers to their IP network by 2025, many customers may be getting moved off of traditional voice systems anyway and are choosing to upgrade their telephony now.

There are 2 main varieties of internet telephony systems; SIP Trunking and Hosted Telephony, and both have distinct advantages for business.


Our SIP Trunking solution allows you to make calls over the internet using your existing phone system. KubeSIP is a flexible, lower cost alternative to ISDN for voice calls, and allows your business to experience the benefits of a hosted solution without replacing your telephone equipment. Calls are delivered over an internet connection, with data and voice on the same circuit, depending on bandwidth and number of users. This saves on call cost and line rental compared to a standard analogue telephone line.

Suitable for:

  • SIP is suitable for companies that have multiple branches or employ remote workers.
  • It was intended to handle heavy traffic and data flow, so suitable for large businesses.
  • It is also suitable for companies that use a lot of multimedia communications.

Optimus – Hosted Telephony Optimus

Kube’s hosted telephony product Optimus delivers superior business voice communications.  Unlike the traditional approach of installing a physical PBX system at each office, customers only need to purchase the handsets and all telephony switching equipment is hosted at our secure data centre facilities, or ‘the cloud’. This means there is no outlay on expensive hardware or maintenance. Kube look after the service for you, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Suitable for:

  • Small to medium sized businesses who rely mostly on voice communications.
  • Ideal for businesses with multiple sites as Optimus can be quickly and easily added and users don’t pay for calls between sites.


  • Compared to ISDN, both options have lower channel and install costs
  • They operate on a per user basis, making it easier to add or reduce new users as your business needs change, essentially future proofing your business.
  • Comes with additional features to suit most business needs such as auto attendant, call forwarding, conference calling and music on-hold.
  • Optimus can be paired with mobile apps for out of office calls
  • Both are renowned for their flexibility and portability. If your business moves location, your number comes with you and more numbers can be easily added at any time.
  • They are quick to provision and offer rapid disaster recovery.
  • Calls can be re-routed in the event of an emergency, ensuring business continuity.

If you would like to discuss what telephony solutions are most suited to your business needs and find out how Kube can save you money, then please get in touch.

Please call 0844 873 4488 or email sales@kubenetworks.com